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Erasmus+ Incomings

International mobility and learning opportunities create added value in vocational education and training. Erasmus+ is the EU’s funding programme to support individuals and organisations and provides opportunities to study, learn, train or gain experience abroad.

Qualifications and job requirements have changed significantly as globalisation makes high demands on the labour market. The mobility of labour means crossing geographical, but also mental, linguistic and cultural borders. Erasmus+ provides funding for internships, work experience, learning and teaching activities abroad.

Gain Work Experience and Learn German

The programme aims at reducing unemployment and promotes adult learning, especially for skills demanded by the labour market or new skills. Teachers and vocational instructors face the challenge to prepare young people for a professional role in an increasingly international working environment that demands expert knowledge but also transversal skills such as intercultural competences, language and digital skills, flexibility and mobility. Euro Akademie offers suitable programmes for incoming students and staff who are sent by their company or educational institution on an Erasmus+ grant and wish to obtain a German certificate in further education, gain work experience and learn German.

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