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Intercultural Communication

People who work in a multicultural environment have to handle complex tasks, communicate with colleagues from different cultures and negotiate business contracts with international partners. 

Good languages skills are important, but not the only requirement in intercultural communication. Understanding different customs, standards, beliefs, values and filters of social interaction is the key to success. A willingness to accept differences and adapt to them helps to avoid misunderstandings and unintentional offence. 

Do as the Germans do!

Some German customs can leave foreigners pretty confused. For example, Germans do not like to share personal information and strictly separate the various spheres of their lives. German is a command-oriented language and might sound very rude to foreigners. Thus, people who come from a more relationship-oriented culture find it very difficult to establish a good working atmosphere.

Course details

This intensive course prepares for the German business world and concentrates on the following areas: 

  • Culture and Communication - Theories and Models
  • Culture Standards and Dimensions
  • Working Internationally
  • Leading International Teams
  • Case Studies
  • Role Plays 

The course takes two days to complete and can be combined with a German language course. 

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