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Vocational Instructor IHK – Preparatory Course

The German dual vocational education and training system has proven to be one of the most successful models and is recognized worldwide. In most countries, vocational education is school based, but within the German system, companies are responsible for the major part. In-company vocational training focuses on practical experience and specialised skills, whereas vocational schools provide theoretical knowledge and general education. 

Combination of Theory and Practice

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry coordinate vocational training in conjunction with trade and industry and vocational schools. Vocational training is conducted in accordance with strict government regulations and legislation. Therefore, only qualified persons holding a state licensure are allowed to provide instruction. German companies often offer training opportunities abroad and need qualified instructors in the countries they are based.

Within German companies, vocational trainers are responsible for planning content and schedules, instructing, supervising and mentoring trainees. They demonstrate how to use equipment and how to accomplish a task. Vocational trainers should be patient, calm and fair and have good communication skills and cultural awareness as they have to discuss progress or behavioural issues and provide guidance. 

Our preparatory course prepares for the required aptitude test and focuses on the following areas of activity: 

  • assessing vocational training requirements and planning training
  • preparing vocational training opportunities and recruiting trainees
  • organising vocational training
  • completing vocational training

The course takes between 2 and 3 weeks and can be combined with a German course. The language of instruction is English or German. 

The trainer aptitude examination is held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and includes a written and a practical test. 

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