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Vocational Training, University Studies And Further Education At The Euro Akademie

Expert knowledge, practical experience, social competence: With us you will learn what is important for your future professional life. "Personality through education" is our guiding principle.

The Euro Akademie institutes provide full and part-time advanced training programmes. Students can enrol on a wide range of vocational courses and can also gain qualifications in specialist fields such as business, economics and medicine.

At the Euro Akademie institutes you will receive the tools for a successful career start!

We will gladly support you in a reliable, competent and practical way to acquire special qualifications and skills that will help you to master your daily professional challenges. 

Our offers expand your professional knowledge and at the same time prepare you for new challenges. Please contact international(at) for further information.

Our Products

University Entrance Qualification

International students who wish to study at a German university have to meet several requirements. This foundation year supports potential students in many ways and helps to acquire the necessary language and academic skills.

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Erasmus+ Incomings

Euro Akademie offers suitable programmes for incoming students and staff who are sent by their company or educational institution on an Erasmus+ grant and wish to obtain a German certificate in further education, gain work experience and learn German.

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Vocational Instructor IHK – Preparatory Course

Within German companies, vocational trainers are responsible for planning content and schedules, instructing, supervising and mentoring trainees. They demonstrate how to use equipment and how to accomplish a task.

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Kindergarten Teacher

There is an increasing demand for highly trained staff in the early years and education sector in Germany.This course is designed to meet the needs of early years students and to secure their future employment.

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Nursing Training

There is currently a high demand for medical professionals in Germany.This course will help students to develop into skilled and passionate professionals.

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Intercultural Communication

Understanding different customs, standards, beliefs, values and filters of social interaction is the key to success. This intensive course concentrates on the German customs and culture and prepares for the German business world.

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Our References

Vietnam Project

The ESO has been running a training programme in Vietnam through it's Euro Akademie institutes since 2014/15. Vietnamese students first have a language course and then complete the training as a carer for the elderly in order to start a professional career in Germany. 

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Bachelor Top-up

All Euro Akademie institutes combine vocational and higher education degrees and thus enable students with entry requirements from O- to A-levels to proceed to Bachelor top-up programmes, for example in Business Administration, International Marketing, International Business Communication or Tourism and Event Management which are offered in cooperation with national and international partners. 

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    Educational Cooperation with China

    Chinese educational institutions have been important partners of Euro Akademie institutes since 2007. As a long-standing partner, VIA ECEC – Education and Cultural Exchange Center organizes various exchange programmes and supervises bachelor top-up opportunities for Euro Akademie students.

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    European integration and intercultural learning in the theoretical and in the practical phase are of the utmost importance. The Euro Akademie institutes intent to prepare their graduates for a role in a global job market and provide them with the necessary skills and competences to work in an international, multilingual and intercultural environment.

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