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Vietnam Project

The ESO has been running a training programme in Vietnam through it's Euro Akademie institutes since 2014/15. Vietnamese students first have a language course and then complete the training as a carer for the elderly in order to start a professional career in Germany. 

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Bachelor Top-up

All Euro Akademie institutes combine vocational and higher education degrees and thus enable students with entry requirements from O- to A-levels to proceed to Bachelor top-up programmes, for example in Business Administration, International Marketing, International Business Communication or Tourism and Event Management which are offered in cooperation with national and international partners. 

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    Educational Cooperation with China

    Chinese educational institutions have been important partners of Euro Akademie institutes since 2007. As a long-standing partner, VIA ECEC – Education and Cultural Exchange Center organizes various exchange programmes and supervises bachelor top-up opportunities for Euro Akademie students.

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    European integration and intercultural learning in the theoretical and in the practical phase are of the utmost importance. The Euro Akademie institutes intent to prepare their graduates for a role in a global job market and provide them with the necessary skills and competences to work in an international, multilingual and intercultural environment.

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