China Exchange References

Educational Cooperation with China

Chinese educational institutions have been important partners of Euro Akademie institutes since 2007. As a long-standing partner, VIA ECEC – Education and Cultural Exchange Center organizes various exchange programmes and supervises bachelor top-up opportunities for Euro Akademie students. In return, Euro Akademie welcomes students from China who wish to explore vocational or academic opportunities in Germany. “Made in Germany” is a very successful exchange initiative for Chinese vocational students who like to learn more about the German dual system and different professions. German classes and many excursions create opportunities for intercultural encounters for the Chinese guests, the schools and host families likewise. Among the schools taking part in recent years have been Beijing Middle School, Beijing Jingshan School and Beijing Fuxue Grass Primary School.

Student Exchange Programmes

A two-week student exchange programme is a great opportunity for Euro Akademie students to visit Shanghai and Beijing and experience school and university life. Intercultural encounters and making new friends are unique and valuable experiences. Shanghai Business School is the main partner. As hosting and sending institutions, Shanghai Business School has also sent many lecturers and students to Germany who have enjoyed exploring a new culture and discovering Germany.

Bachelor Top-up Opportunities

Shanghai Business School offers graduates challenging top-up opportunities. Within four semesters, students obtain a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. The courses are taught in English, but Chinese language classes are a mandatory element. Entry requirements are the successful completion of a two- or three-year vocational training programme, a university entrance qualification, fluent English, and a good basic knowledge of Chinese. Students with an excellent academic performance have the chance to get a full scholarship, including tuition fees and free accommodation. Some Euro Akademie institutes offer special preparation courses.

Educational Exchange Projects

Chinese educational institutions are very interested in German training models and qualification opportunities. In August 2019, Euro Akademie Hanover welcomed a group from Shenzhen that wished to learn more about early childhood pedagogy in Germany and appropriate vocational and further training programmes. The ESO kindergartens with their strong intercultural approach were considered a source of great inspiration. Due to the one-child policy, pre-school education in China concentrates mainly on sports and music, with a strong focus on the development of social skills.

Euro Akademie is pleased to take over the patronage of projects that aim at educational focal points not yet included in its training portfolio. For example, delegates of the Shanghai Urban Construction Management Association came to Hanover in 2016 for a specialist seminar on wastewater solutions.