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Student and Staff Mobility

With Europe becoming more and more of a cultural and economic unity and with globalisation making high demands on the international labour market, qualifications and job requirements have changed significantly. Employees do not only need expert knowledge but also interdisciplinary skills, as well as proficiency in foreign languages and intercultural competences.

As a consequence, the Euro Akademie institutes intent to prepare their graduates for a role in a global job market and provide them with the necessary skills and competences to work in an international, multilingual and intercultural environment. Many Euro Akademie institutes offer a variety of international placement activities funded by the EU, as it is their goal that all of their students spend some time abroad. 

Euro Akademie strives to successfully prepare learners of the professions management assistant, international administration manager, industrial clerk with foreign languages, educators and care providers (pedagogical or medical and health) with a vocational education that meets the increasingly qualitative demands of the labour market. This is achieved through a framework curriculum that is internationally oriented. 

Well-prepared for the European Labour Market

European integration and intercultural learning in the theoretical and in the practical phase are of the utmost importance. These high demands also apply to specialists and educators of these vocational trainings within their professional career. Continuous upskilling and further education in their field is necessary, as is developing an international network of educators in vocational training and implementing a strategy of internationalization. 

The goals of our projects include practical language acquisition, fostering expertise and methodological skills and gaining knowledge of the socio-economic structures of the host country. 

For learners it is of the utmost importance to expand their social and intercultural competences through international work experience. For all participants within our Erasmus+ projects, contact with culturally diverse norms in the working world and in education has also shown to be important for one’s future professional career in Germany. 

Being well-prepared for the European labour market is a sign of quality for a learning institution such as Euro Akademie and, at the same time, constitutes a sustainable improvement of professional chances on the labour market both at home and abroad. This is accomplished solely through qualified, informed and skilled personnel. 

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