Euro Akademie About us

About us

The first Euro Akademie institute was founded in Cologne, Germany in 1980 as a high-quality training provider for careers in foreign languages. At present, the 37 Euro Akademie institutes nationwide form an integral part of the ESO Education Group. The founder, Pierre Semidei, was an early and dedicated champion of co-operation in education and vocational training, and the Euro Akademie institutes today are committed to continuing his life’s work. 

From Vocational Training to Academic Degrees

Going on to an academic degree course after having completed a vocational qualification is no problem at the Euro Akademie institutes. We have long-standing co-operation agreements with partner universities to enable our students to embark on postgraduate study immediately on completing vocational qualifications. The Euro Akademie institutes also co-operate with universities in a number of countries to offer practice-oriented and bilingual study programmes.

Euro Akademie institutes are characterised by their national and international networking.  Further, the balance of theory and classroom-based learning with guided work experience is a feature of our courses we are proud of. Intense periods of on-the-job training boost the knowledge students acquire in the classroom, to create the strongest foundation for career success. Equipped with expert insight, practical experience and professional skills, our graduates are highly-qualified, motivated and ready to enter the world of work.

Our students themselves are at the heart of what we do, whether they are enrolled on full-time programmes or on courses to boost their skills. We provide individualised learning in the classroom setting and give our students additional support when needed, with teaching and learning in small-sized groups and classes. Our programmes are delivered by highly-qualified practitioners with a wealth of professional experience, integrating new digital technology to enhance the student learning experience. We also place great importance on the personal growth of our students, and are committed to the fostering of individual skills and competencies. 

Specialist Academies for Translation and Interpreting

Our specialist academies in Bamberg and Würzburg (Würzburger Dolmetscherschule) provide state-recognised one, two and three-year programmes, encompassing the sound mastery of two foreign languages as well as one specialist area (economics or natural sciences). These state-recognised qualifications are a direct springboard to one-year B.A. and M.A. programmes in Germany and abroad. Given the excellent reputations of both institutions and the intense and practical nature of the language training they provide, graduates go on to secure high-calibre positions in companies, international organisations, the media, creative industries and publishing, and are also well-placed to work freelance.