Lieblingsfach Englisch: „I got the Job!“


Maren Steinbrecher steht mitten in den Abschlussprüfungen zur staatlich geprüften Kaufmännischen Assistentin, Fremdsprachen und Korrespondenz. Englisch ist die erste Fremdsprache und Marens Lieblingsfach. Im Sommer 2019 hat sie ein vierwöchiges Praktikum bei der Firma comNet in Hannover absolviert und ihre Eindrücke und Erfahrungen festgehalten.

comNET is a specialist for IP communication and convergent network solutions. The company was founded 28 years ago by Mark Peters and Christian Gauger. In more than two decades, the company has gained a successful market position through its competence and plays a decisive role in networking communication. It serves major customers, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

My brother told me that there might be a vacancy, so I sent my application to comNET. My application was examined in detail, since comNET has very high requirements. My grades and references were very good, so there were no problems. I was invited to an interview and prepared myself thoroughly because I wanted to make a good first impression. As the date slowly approached, I was a little excited because I really wanted the “job”.

Well prepared for the interview

When I arrived at the company, I was welcomed by the receptionist and taken to a conference room. The personnel manager introduced herself and the company briefly and then I had to introduce myself, explain my curriculum vitae and what I learned during my training at Euro Akademie Hannover. Afterwards she asked me a few subject-related questions, but I was able to answer them without any problems, because I already learned this in class. At the end of the interview I gave her the internship contract the school had prepared for me. She said she would talk to the managing directors and plan the internship a bit. Then we said goodbye and she accompanied me to reception. I got the job!

Staff training sessions, meetings and daily tasks like a regular employee

On my first day, I was given a desk, which was mine for the whole four weeks. First, I had to sign some documents related to data protection and confidentiality. I was introduced to everyone and was told what each employee was responsible for. Everybody was very friendly and helpful.

I always had to work from 8am to 5pm and had a one-hour lunch break. I attended staff training sessions and meetings like a regular employee. My daily tasks included general office tasks, business correspondence, writing and filing invoices, preparing appointments and meetings, writing offers, placing orders, preparing a staff questionnaire or calculating discounts.

I liked the internship very much, it was a great opportunity and will help my future career, as I learned new skills and gained a lot of experience.

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